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With this ghoulish holiday fast approaching there has been much planning involved with the Halloween festivities. My family's annual pumpkin carving contest is being hosted at my house this year. I find myself looking for easy ideas that I can fit into my busy schedule that will make this fun tradition memorable. In my search, I came across some crafty ideas for you that may help in planning your Halloween Holiday Party!

1. These cookies are super cute and, not to mention, a super easy treat for your guests! Witch Hat Cookies
2. My sister's favorite Halloween candies are witch's teeth, aka candy corn. What a cool trick for an old treat!:) Candy Corn Drink
3. Along with your lit Jack-O-Lanterns, you can stick this fun idea out on your stoop to add to the glowing ambiance! Glitter Glow Lights
4. Every year we struggle with what to give the lucky winner of the carving contest. This cute idea is quick, easy, and could be for the boys or the girls! Halloween Gift Mug

Happy Party Planning!

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