Neat Ideas for your wedding

Loathe the idea of writing all of those return addresses on your invitations (because you know that printed labels are a no-no, of course)? Not sure if you want to spend the extra money to pay for the printing costs to have them printed? Then try this idea: the paper embosser. Easy to use and customizable, this little gem will. save. your. life. And bonus: you may even get your fiance to join in the fun during your "Invitation Stuffing Party" you've scheduled. And, if you only put your first names & your address (i.e. Laurie and James, 123 Easy Street), you can use this tool well after your wedding is over. My personal favorite is from Horchow, with prices starting at 22.00- it's almost a no-brainer. You'll even have enough dough left over to purchase an embosser for other details in your wedding- favor tags, place cards, you name it! It becomes a pleasant surprise for your guests and adds an element of continuity with your wedding. Check out the whole line here.

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