Wedding Wednesday | A Peacock Inspired Wedding

This is an inspiration board I just completed for one of our August brides. She came to us a few months ago, with one inspiration: the Peacock. Oh and some gorgeous emerald bridesmaids dresses she spotted in a magazine. That green was the starting inspiration- it's bright, fun, and summery. So we took that color, pulled some other jewel tones out of the peacock wreath, and added a neutral linen color to keep everything light. We had their design meeting last night, and I can't wait until their summer Boise Depot wedding! We'll be incorporating lots of textures- glass, wood, sheer fabrics, shell, and more. 


What do you guys think? We would love it if you'd leave us a comment and let us know what you like about this board!

{Photos}: White Centerpiece via Inspired By This; Capiz Shells; Crystal Escort Card via Yvonne Design;  Peacock Wreath, via Kelley Moore; Coconut Cupcake via Ritzy Bee; Emerald Ring via Honey We're Home

~Happy Planning! 


mnlinchri said...

i love the neutrality of the linen because the peacock colors add so much drama and it stands out so well! i would think to use these colors in the fall but the contrast between linen and jewel tones make it perfect for summer! i cant wait to see the pictures!

Brandi Reiland | Soiree said...

Hi Christina! Thanks for your comment- Hopefully you two are doing well!

Shira said...

Ahh, Brandi, I was just catching up on your blog and saw this post--it's perfect! This is my color scheme for our October wedding! I think we will be incorporating the jewel tones a bit more, but still do love the linen to keep everything from getting too crazy. :)


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