{Etiquette Q&A} The Encore Bride

Many wonder whether it's appropriate for a second-time or an older bride to have a Bridal Shower. The answer: Yes! The dynamics of the shower just may be need to be a little different than a traditional shower, however.

In both cases, the bride most likely has most of her necessities (cookware, linens, etc.), so you may need to get creative as to what type of shower you have. Consider any hobbies or activities the bride enjoys, such as gardening (gift the bride gardening tools, reading materials, seeds, flower pots, etc.) or reading (gift the bride books to add to her collection). Or consider hosting an activity shower: entertainment (everyone attends a play or show, with lunch after), or a spa party. Another idea? Just "shower" the bride with attention and good company. Host a luncheon complete with a spread of hors, crumpets, and beverages of your choice. Include good music and good friends and mingle the afternoon away.

What are some non-traditional shower themes you've seen or attended?

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