What a Great Sunday.

It's Superbowl Sunday, and for once, my busy little family of three has stayed home. I'm making my annual tradition- crockpot chili. Hubby is enjoying the game, and I'm enjoying the commercials. What a different Superbowl Sunday this is. Last year we had a party- I normally love entertaining- with all of our friends. We had stuffed mushrooms, boneless buffalo wings, seven layer dip, and then of course chili and corn bread, all made by me with a smile. We had a full bar; hubby loves playing bartender. Superbowl 2008 holds a special place in my heart- not only did one of the Manning brothers come back with a vengence and win the whole shebang, but also the fact that in about 20 days from that Sunday I would find out I was finally expecting our little bug.

2008 was a beautiful year. Not only did I meet some of my most treasured brides, but I spent the year pregnant- a disposition I would go back to in a heart beat. I loved every minute of it- his movements, his hiccups....the fact that he was all mine. Sure, it was a little more difficult at times, trying to put together weddings as I carried my own little basketball around, but it was always beautiful nonetheless. Whereas I used to come home and toast with a glass of wine after each successful event, last year I would come home (hubby always waited up for me), we'd sit together on the couch, listen to Tony Bennett, and rub my belly. I smile as I think of it.

Dear brides, if there is one thing I can say, candidly, to you- keep everything in perspective as you plan your beautiful day. Yes, pay attention to all the details- after all, the details should reflect you and your groom as a couple. But do not let the big picture take away from what is truly important...the fact that you are promising to unite as one with your groom. One day, when your wedding is said and done, you will find yourself sitting on a couch with a bowl of nachos in your lap, watching football in your sweats. You may not have showered, and the only company you have may be your dog. But you will have each other, and the life you'll have made for each other. Cherish it. Because it only gets better from there. Maybe the hydrangeas were a little too blue, and the weather a little too humid, resulting in a less than voluminous (or maybe much too voluminous!) hair do. Take it all in stride...just think, you have the rest of your lives from this day forward, and so many memorable, important moments will happen to you two. I hope you smile as you think of it.

Yes, this Superbowl is so different than last year. I am listening to my beautiful son as he plays under his play gym. I'm in my sweats as I write this, rather than my designer jeans I wore last year. I can't even remember what it was like to have a quiet house, and I'm okay with that. What a great Sunday. Here's to a beautiful 2009.

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