Lovely Lazy Sunday: Raspberry Appetizer

Bon Appetit { New Party Recipe To Try} on your Lovely Lazy Sunday:

Easy Crostini With Marscapone And Raspberries

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This was a super easy appetizer I recently found- it was simple and delicious. Crostini is a fancy word for small {baguette} toasts. Marscapone cheese is an Italian cheese with a creamy texture and taste similar to cream cheese, just not quite as strong. In the picture above, it also features honey drizzled on top, which would be lovely as well.

* 1 baguette sliced into round crostini- toasted if preferred

* 1 container of Marscapone cheese (specialty grocers and deli sections- Fred Meyer here in Boise carries it)

* Fresh raspberries

Spread desired amount of Marscapone on crostini, top with raspberries and serve.

We used this appetizer at the baby shower a couple of weeks ago- it was the perfect light, summer snack.

Happy Sunday!


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