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Hi Lovelies,

Today is the day that we are totally embracing the space outside of our comfort zones and launching something that has been in my brain for a while. And by a while, we're talking years. I'll bring you up to speed with a little background on this project: Ever since its first humble day of operation in January of 2006, I've been working to create a core for Soiree that would mainly involve design services (more affectionately coined experience and lifestyle design), event planning services that would marry the design and logistics, and styling. Even though we started out with event planning only, I've always known that one day Soiree would be recognized for design first, with the planning playing a necessary supporting role for an amazing experience. We've since evolved into a very (blessed) design-heavy business with an emphasis on lifestyle and our planning services have developed (lovingly) into being tailored for our out of town and destination clients; the ones that need a specially niche set of services.

With the complexity of our events increasing, more traveling, and less events we're able to accept each year, we really wanted to create programs and products that might be able to offer a different type of assistance, no matter where in the country our clients might be. Enter our newest Soiree baby:
 E-Design services!

Centerpiece by Lovely Little Details

One day I literally woke up and decided that we were just going to launch it. Ask my girls, too. I walked into the office with a vengeance and we got to work. So what is this e-design? It means that anyone- no matter the budget, whether they live on the East coast, West coast, here in Boise or somewhere in between, or just simply need a little design direction so that they can diy to their hearts content- can work with us to bring your vision to life. 

{Please contact  us for sources}

Here's how it works: We'll send out an extremely detailed questionnaire to get the process started. We'll also ask a lot of questions based on your venue, party, or details you're interested in. From there we'll collaborate with you over email to create a visual design board and a full purchase/rental list with real ideas and items you can put into place for your wedding or event. 

Organic cake photo via White Magazine

In short, we'll be walking you through a similar design process that we use for our weddings, to provide you with a fool-proof blueprint to accessing the wedding or party of your dreams. 

I've been sitting on this idea for years, because I wasn't sure how to offer it, or how it would work. But then I realized that what we do for our clients on an everyday basis- connecting them and their weddings with creative companies and products all over the country- has already put us in a position to offer design help virtually. 

Example of a tabletop only design board: Metal hang tags- BHLDN | Charger/Plate + Amber glasses- Frances Lane | Gold graphic paper- Paper Source | Linen + Napkin swatch- La Tavola Fine Linen | Wood Cake Stand- Williams Sonoma

When we design a wedding for a client, we have set up our relationships across the country- from industry and trade only accounts to retail options that we can't live without (hello, Home Goods, West Elm and Pottery Barn to name a few)- so that we can layer our events with attainable, unique items that aren't all rental or all purchase. This is how we are able to create a comfortable, inviting environment that everyone can relate to, while keeping it completely personalized and different. By using this mix of suppliers and resources, not only do even diy clients have access to amazing options they normally wouldn't unless using a planner or designer, we are also able to offer a custom design experience without the custom price tag attached. 

Example of a Lounge-Only design board: 1. & 2. Nuage Designs | 3. Ikea | 4. & 5. Safavieh coffee table + Honeycomb side table, Target

Clients will be able to choose single elements of the wedding (tabletop design, lounge area), specific areas or portions of the party (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception or after party), or choose to have us create a design for the entire event for maximum cohesiveness. Each design board will come with a full to-buy/rental list with links, and each design board will take into account the location of the event or client to ensure accessibility. Clients will also have the option to include trade-only items with their blueprint (in which we would obtain) or to have their boards include only retail ideas (from either chain/online stores available or rental companies located in their town) they can implement completely on their own. 

We think it's a win-win for everyone, and would love to see it take off. The whole process will take 4-6 weeks, after which you should be on your way to easily put together an amazing wedding without all of the heartache. We'll be offering special launch pricing for a limited time, and as we do with all of our events, we'll be limiting the amount of e-design projects we take on-so please contact us for more details!

We're so excited for this new venture and hope you are too. Would love to hear your thoughts or questions in the comments section! 




Kaya DeFehr said...

Wow!! This sounds amazing! Perfect idea for someone like me, who doesn't live in the place where I will be getting married! Good luck, ladies!

Brandi Reiland said...

Kaya- so glad to hear that it's something a bride living out of state would be interested in- thanks for the feedback!


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