Thursday Afternoon Musings

A random Thursday.... random thoughts!

* I feel bad for Thanksgiving. We can't even throw a pebble over Halloween before the Christmas items hit the shops (even though I looooooove Christmas. Time and place, people!).

* Have you discovered Marcy Blum's wedding blog? A gorgeous cross between an evil cackle and a darling bride. Lovely!

* While I love my company's name, Soiree (means party, naturally), it's somewhat annoying that few understand me when I'm on the phone. Try saying "This is Brandi with Soiree" fast. For some reason the words "with" and "Soiree" can't be said without developing a lisp. So now I say "from Soiree", as if Soiree is a country. Oh well.

* After a meeting with a few industry gals in Boise, we've all determined Mona Vie may be taking over the world.

Happy Thursday!

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