A Wedding Ready Body

With the plethora of diets and eating plans out there to choose from it's no wonder getting and staying on track to a healthy weight is hard, and when there's an added time frame (like a wedding), even more pressure arises to make it happen (and it often leads to failure and frustration). As a former yo yo and on-trend dieter myself, it was like a true miracle when the day came that it clicked in my head that even a subtle lifestyle shift was the winning ticket to losing and maintaining the physique I wanted. So when Sharon Taylor emailed me about her new book for brides, I was so excited to share. Sharon gave me a sneak peek into the content, and what I love most about the book is the easy-to-read and follow format. No tricky formulas, just helpful shifts in mindset (and pantry) that will help the pounds come off.

In honor of her book going live on Amazon, she is offering you the chance to have it for free (regularly $2.99) until this Sunday, Sept. 8th. Just follow the link here to download, and what do you have to lose?

If you have some time this weekend do leave us a comment letting us know your thoughts, too!

Happy Thursday!


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