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Every wedding will have some variation or combination of place cards, escort cards, menus, and table cards. Because these items are fairly commonplace- they do a great job directing and informing your guests- it becomes our jobs to find ways to make the ordinary extraordinary.

When you're looking for ways to make your wedding as unique as possible, look at other materials to add that extra pop too.

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Isn't this menu 'card' beautiful? This is the brainchild of fab planner Jodi Bos, but it can easily be replicated into a DIY project. Just find a glass plate (or have one professionally cut to size to ensure the edges are smooth), add some acrylic paint and some artistic flair and voila. The good thing about this idea is if you do one menu per table (rather than at every place setting), you only a few to make (ok more like 20ish to make, but better than, say 200).

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We loved how these etched glasses had a duo role as favors and escort cards. Find glasses with each guest's initial and add your escort card to the glass. The idea can be fairly inexpensive for smaller weddings or parties (see below for resource ideas, or if you're super crafty, try etching them yourself).

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Finally for a more playful note, have your specialty drinks fill in for the escort card.

Note {For those of you that are new to the Soiree Blog, we like to start the week off with something inspirational- it can be a picture, a quote, a real wedding or party, or just a great idea to be inspired with.}


To Buy: If you are thinking about having the etched glasses, try places such as Final Cut, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Beau-Coup.

Photo #1: Courtesy of Jen Kroll

~ Happy Planning!

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