Stacie & Tim's McCall Lodge Wedding-Part I

Stacie and Tim's destination wedding happened two weeks ago in our beautiful McCall, Idaho. And while we are used to having at least one McCall wedding per year, this one was definitely going to be different and have the work cut out for us!

See, we weren't going to be marrying a couple on the lake. We wouldn't be basking in the backyard of a lakeside cabin either. Nope, we were going to be treating Stacie and Tim's guests to a party in a unfinished one at that. Named Blackhawk Lodge, the building was originally planned to be a spacious, luxurious center complete with a spa and ginormous fish tank (we're not kidding..we could see where the tank would have gone). But when the economy tanked, the funds petered out and there it sat, not even an inch of drywall in site.

So when Stacie and Tim came to us, telling us that we needed to design their "Bohemian meets Traditional" themed wedding amongst nails and sawdust, we jumped up and down with glee. Then immediately grabbed a hammer.

And without further adieu...part 1 of Stacie and Tim's McCall wedding, the details. Once we receive the professional photos we'll post part 2!

The main part of the lodge.

Another view- you can still see our ladders in the background! We got a great leg workout on this one...


Here's me working on the finishing touches for the cake backdrop. We hand-made and hand-strung all these tissue flowers. Then we added the crystal strings, and we thought it was a pretty cool statement against the plywood!

And the finished product:


We loved how it was subtle, yet gave it just that tiny pop that it needed to let the cake stand out.


Stacie loved the pinks and platinum color scheme, and added orchids all over for that bohemian, relaxed touch. The cake was gorgeous, wasn't it?


And finally we couldn't forget these. There was limited lighting in the lodge (but a July wedding proved it would be light for much of the evening anyways), so we wanted to bring in some more of the pink somewhere. We hung these glowing pink votives all over along the walls inside...they turned out to be quite the hit!


And so the day turned into night, and the party proved to be a huge success. We were able to achieve the relaxed, yet not-too-casual look in an unfinished lodge....and I think it looked pretty neat, if I do say so myself! We'll be back with more of Tim and Stacie's story, complete with professional photos!

~Happy Wednesday! And thanks for putting up with our photography skills.

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