Inspiring Photo No. 1

I personally keep a huge 3" thick three ring binder in my's full of magazine pages, photos I've printed off, even recipes and tip articles...anything that inspires me. Whenever I am stumped for a design project, I turn to my trusty binder for possible ideas. I do try to be a little picky about what makes it into the book, however; I like the images to not necessarily represent "wedding". I want to be able to look at an image and have the wheels start turning and eventually interpret it into something fabulous.

So I decided it would be nice to share with you what might inspire me on any given day. I hope that you'll share with me your inspiration ideas too!


I'm loving the juxtaposition of this photo. Rustic meets elegant, yet not over the top. Would love to use these capiz-style chandeliers in a project soon.

{Photo Source}: Ferm Living Style Shoot, via Decor8 Blog

~Happy Monday!

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