Wedding Wednesday | Robyn And Jon's Muddy Engagement

We just love this couple! I'll say it again- just love this couple. We've been working with Robyn and Jon since this summer and are looking forward to their late June wedding. I actually have known Jon since he was a little guy- he's my best friend's little brother! So I was pretty excited to not only see him all grown up (I'm sure he appreciates me talking about him as if I'm his mother), but I'm also thrilled to be working with my friend's family.

Ok- back to the couple. Both Robyn and Jon are artistic people; he's a drama major and she's into photography. So when I heard about their engagement session with Ampersand Studios I knew it wouldn't be just an ordinary shoot. This goes to show getting dirty can be pretty...enjoy!


How about those horizon views??




You can see more of their gorgeous engagement session here!

~Happy Planning!


Josie @ said...

Those might be the MOST FUN engagement pictures I've ever seen!

Brandi Reiland | Soiree said...

Aren't they? Who knew playing in the mud could make such a statement!

Kristin said...

So fun! The photos turned out amazing, her eyes are stunning.


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