Four Key Steps To An Amazing After Party

First, we'll start with a disclaimer. I know you've probably already seen these photos, several times even, as they are so amazing it's hard not to go back and look two or three times. This Aspen After Party is the epitome of how it should be done so it is a definite continuation of your big day:


Step 1: Shake up the dress! Whether you're coming straight from your traditional nuptials and reception for a late night soiree, or just celebrating a few weeks after being married off on a white sand beach, a party dress is required.

Step 2: Do make the decor different than your wedding. An after party should still be in your esthetic style, of course, but you'll want to make it distinctly different than your wedding reception. This brings a new energy back into the event (especially if it's that late night soiree), and everyone loves a surprise. This party is also an awesome way to incorporate even more personal touches that may not have made the cut for the wedding.


Step 3: Make it a party atmosphere with lighting, different snack foods (think out of the ordinary: a dessert shoppe like this one, or hamburgers and french fries, etc.). Don't forget the music and remember that a party like this will last at least 2 hours so make sure there are enough beverages available too.


Step 4: While this style of party is meant to be more relaxed and less rigid than a wedding reception, don't forget that you're still hosting many guests. There will still be many vendors on hand to bring it together, and most likely a timeline to follow since most after parties are in the wee hours and therefore short on time. Hiring a planner or appointing someone that will be responsible will help make the evening smooth for you so you can actually enjoy your amazing party!

Be sure to check out the rest of the photos from this amazingly beautiful after party on Style Me Pretty today!

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