Perfect Essentials

Shameless plug alert: We are having our company photo shoot for our new website this Sunday with the lovely Tana of Tana Photography. What's a girl to do when we're about to showcase the brand new look for Soiree? Go shopping, of course.

We are not a stuffy company; we pride ourselves on running a tight ship and getting firm when we need to, but Soiree is normally perceived as a lot of fun to be around. So the wardrobe for the photo shoot has been a little distressing as we need to look pulled together, yet not matchy matchy, and further yet we need to show our personalities too. Oh and stylish is key.

Enter Express to save the day for me:


I think I'll pair it with something like this:


Thoughts? I think it meshes with my personality- not too stuffy :)

Have a great weekend, and watch in the coming weeks as we unveil the new Soiree.....


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