After The Wedding

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If you had a summer wedding then you're either still floating on wedded bliss or you're starting on the descent back to reality, and if you'll be having a fall wedding you're so excited for the big day yet not wanting it to be over at the same time. There are actually statistics on what has been called the wedding blues- not so far away from the baby blues even. After all, a typical engagement rivals a 9 month pregnancy, and just like a soon-to-be mommy, a  bride has spent all of those months focusing on one thing only. So, now that the day is over, besides back to work, what to do? Here are some tips to help ease you back into every day life:

1) Develop all of your photos from the honeymoon. Yep- get started on that honeymoon album right away. Get your sweetie to help you arrange and pick them out- it will be fun to reminisce. Plus your life will only get busier from here on out.

2) Throw a dinner party. You just received oodles of really nice cookware. Serving dishes from the likes of Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel are itching to be used, and it will be nice to spend time with friends without boring them with having to talk about wedding plans.

3) Sell any remaining wedding paraphernalia. Sites like, Emmaline Bride, and 100 Layer Cake all have market places for brides to sell their gently used wedding items.

4) Start focusing on something else. Start looking at interior design blogs, Pinterest, and/or nesting blogs to begin settling into your house and life together. Even if you lived with your fiance before the wedding, you now undoubtedly have new accessories, towels, bedding, etc to play with. By focusing on designing your home, you're making a smooth transition from wedding design to life design. Can actually be quite exhilarating.

5) Allow yourself to be on the wedded bliss train for a while. It's ok to still be excited and careening from the best day of your life. Just trying to stuff the feelings in a drawer and heading to work is just going to backfire. In fact, we give you permission to continue following wedding blogs and to wear your designer heels you bought for the big day to work one day too.

What was your experience after the wedding? Were you happy it was over? Sad to see it go? What did you do to keep yourself busy once the planning was done? Do share!

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