Wedding Wednesday | Oregon Coast Honeymoon

We know, we's like 40 degrees outside, and we're all gearing up for Thanksgiving in just a few weeks. But if you're planning a wedding, you're probably also planning a honeymoon to celebrate your wedded bliss. We're starting a new monthly series on Wednesdays where we'll feature a honeymoon spot and must-have things to go with it. It might be all fashion-related, might have some accessories, or may even have some must-see places. This month's featured honeymoon is the Oregon Coast- a location that is often forgotten or overlooked. Beach? Check. Gorgeous views? Check. Quiet, not over-populated? Check Check. Whether you're planning to spend a week or just drop in on your drive down the coast, don't forget about Oregon.

If we were heading on a road trip to the coast, here are some of the items we'd be packing:


To Buy: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5.

Where are you thinking about spending your honeymoon? Have a location in mind you'd like us to feature? Do tell in the comments and we'll drum up our take on accessorizing your perfect honeymoon. 

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