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We are impressed with all of the different ways we've seen a wedding menu done of late. A traditional card tucked into the napkin is fine, but surprising your guests with a creative menu presentation is not only thrilling to the stomach, but to the eye as well. We are constantly trying to come up with new ways to do old things, and since food is so important to your guests' experience, we like to make the menu a star of the show too.


Window panes are great for more than looking outside. Use them for menus, seating diagrams, escort cards, bar menus. 

Chalkboards never go out of style. Use small easels to place on each table. Or use big chalkboards as an entrance to a buffet like our Tablerock Wedding. In this case, the lettering was projected on to the board to match the same fonts as the wedding invitations.

We have a love of all things kraft, especially bags used as menus. We also love using items for double duty- in this case it's your reception menu and guest favors.

These menu books are gorgeous and also double as a place card. The more you use an item in different ways, the more bang for your buck.

A professional chalk lettering design just adds to the beauty, and as we mentioned in this post, we think it would be a very cool wall art in your home after the wedding. Once again, never underestimate the ways to get the most use out what you choose to put in your wedding!

Have any other great ideas for menus? Do share in the comments!

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