Happy Weekend

Happy Friday!

It's finally that day of the week. All of my clients must be out playing in the warm weather already- nary an email today. And speaking of warm weather, do you have plans to be outside? Boise is finally welcoming the sun and temperatures in the 70s, 80s, and possibly even touching the 90s this weekend, so we are ecstatic. Barbeques, walks in the green belt, and hanging around in our back yard with my little man and Chloe (furbaby) are all on the list. To get you off on the right start, here are some links for you to peruse over your iced tea this weekend:

- Love this- finally some table manner etiquette!  (via)

- This sock bun tutorial is simple and so cute.

- Genius- a customizable wedding app for your iPhone.

- Boise has a new bed and breakfast- Hillside Suites. This quaint, eclectic space is perfect for your bridal party, or for your guests to stay at while in town for your wedding. Nestled in Boise's foothills, the best part about this is the fact that there is not a communal kitchen to eat breakfast in (although there is a full kitchen to use if needed)- each morning a fresh farm-to-basket of fruits, pastries, breads and other freshly made and healthy choices are left at each guest room door. Imagine waking up, and opening your door to breakfast! We love the idea of having a group of family members or even the bride and groom for the wedding night- so different than a typical hotel stay.

It really is like a home away from home, and also boasts amenities like free wifi access, private hot tub, and full and faux fireplaces. What more could a guest want?


Be sure to check out the website for a full list of amenities and information. And we're off to a beautiful weekend- check back on Sunday for another edition of Sunday Soiree. 

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