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Quite possibly our (my) newest obsession, gel nails (otherwise known as Shellac polish) are turning up all over- and for really good reason. Let me start by saying I never paint my finger nails. I have always preferred a natural look, with maybe a gloss coat for added interest. The main reason for this is that I cannot stand a chipped nail. I stare at it, obsess over it, and naturally begin picking at it, and find myself waiting, at minimum, two days before I'll actually take the time to remove the polish. It's like emptying the dishwasher- I loathe the thought of it. But when someone told me Shellac nail polish banished the days of chipping and drying and precariously trying to hold things with your forearms so as not to smudge the paint- I was interested.

I had my first Shellac manicure three weeks ago, and I couldn't stop looking at my nails. So many compliments and my nails are strong with this stuff on it. A few facts I've learned along the way, from various sources:

- Your nails will be dry before you leave the salon. One of the biggest differences from a typical manicure or polish is that a UV light is used to dry your nails.

- The entire process only takes a few minutes longer than a regular manicure, and along with the UV light in between coats, will end with a clear acrylic-like coat at the end. For those of us that love the freshly glossed look of "getting your nails done" you'll love it even more when you can say they're truly your nails, nothing fake here.

- Your polish will last for 2 weeks, longer if you take a few extra precautions. But really? Two weeks? Imagine the free time (or how lovely your nails will stay on your honeymoon).

Some other things we've learned about the process along the way:

- Using a high quality nail oil will help to prevent your nail beds from getting dry. This is something I didn't know before having my first polish done- but will definitely be picking some up before the next.

- There is a slightly limited selection of colors compared to regular nail polish, and it's a tad pricier than the typical paint, but it's all worth it as far as I'm concerned. The polish comes out so glossy that even a nude or blush color looks pristine and doesn't bore me.

- You do need to take precautions on removing the Shellac as well. You'll need to soak your nails in acetone (which removes it quite quickly)- don't do what Stephanie and Kim did and try to peel the paint off yourself- you'll end up damaging your nail bed. 

So tell us, have you tried Shellac polish yet? Would you consider it for your wedding? Do share!

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