Recognizing the Accomplishments

You know what I have come to realize (and dare I say, accept)? We are the worst at complimenting ourselves. We're quick to admire others, but it takes a lot for us to admire ourselves. Lately, as the 2012 wedding season has been slowing down and coming to a close for us, I've had some time to sit and think about the year and even years past. After each wedding season I am normally a little ragged around the edges, hair is astray and I'm a little unkept (if we're being honest here). We work hard during the season and all the while raising this baby I call Soiree. But this year I was trying to focus on the positive rather than beating myself up on some things that maybe didn't work as well as I wanted them to. And it hit me one day- I realized just how far I (we) have come.

In six short years I have:

- Quadrupled my business income
- Grown my business
- Been featured in national press
- Left my awful full-time job in the mortgage industry (coming up on my 3 year anniversary!)
- Realized my dream of becoming a niche company in a highly saturated field

And as I thought about it even further, I realized even things like implementing business technology, systems, and ideas unique to our business are accomplishments too. I was in upgrading my iPhone a couple of weekends ago, and the salesman (a very good one at that, looking back at my bill) began asking about my business as he was contemplating starting one himself. As I spoke to him, I realized that everything from the phone system we use to how all of my employees are able to work remotely thanks to systems we own is an accomplishment. In that moment I felt like someone was admiring me. Crazy talk, folks.

So I leave you with this: I encourage you, especially if you're feeling run down, beat up, and a complete failure, to take a few hours and write down everything you've accomplished in your business. I think you'll find that many of those things are unique to your business and no one else's. And for me, this helped shine light on new goals that are brewing that will in turn grow the business even more. I can honestly say that this one little exercise was better than retail therapy.

What have you done or accomplished as your business has grown each year? We would love to hear about them in the comments!

~Xo and happy dreaming,

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