Sunday Soiree | Soup Party

Last Sunday my roommates and I threw a Sunday Soiree. A Sunday Soup Soiree that is! We invited people over for an early evening dinner and told guests to bring a bowl. We woke up leisurely on Sunday, got the coffee going and started to prep our soups. We chose three different kinds and made sure to have a vegetarian one. By 4:00 or so our soups were simmering in crock pots, we went for a stroll around the neighborhood looking for fall foliage for our tablescape, and came home to get ready for the party. We enjoyed the night just as much as our guests and got to mingle, sip wine, and relax while everyone dished up their bowls and munched on bread and roasted nuts. I highly recommend throwing a soup party yourself; It gets all your friends in one place for a nice night of visiting, and clean up is quite the dishwasher and send people on their merry way clean bowl in hand.
Happy Sunday Soiree-ing!

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