Creative Wedding Magazines For Your Welcome Bags

I love love love that I stumbled across these the other day. We are always looking for new ways to welcome (read: wow) guests as they arrive, and I think these little ditties will do the trick. For us, we find that most of our clients are planning their weddings from out of state, and their guests are coming from all over the country (and the world, in some cases). Many of the guest groups haven't even heard of Idaho (I'm really not exaggerating on this either), so we really do try to make their experience extra inviting from the get-go. Our welcome gifts always include a weekend itinerary with necessary event information as well as local must-sees for leisure time, so when I found Twenty Pages I was beyond myself excited at this new concept for showing your guests a good time.

In a nutshell, Twenty Pages is a company that produces personalized wedding magazines perfect for welcome bags or even a unique twist on the traditional wedding program. Different than a printed weekend itinerary, the glossy enables the couple to tell their story a bit through pictures and text, as well as provide a unique view into the weekend to come for the guests. Just imagine if you just arrived in town, checked into a hotel and were greeted with a magazine featuring the weekend ahead...wouldn't you be so excited for the festivities to start? And not to mention, these magazines are fabulous keepsakes for you and your family members.

Fully customizable to your taste and style, these wedding magazines are a well-spent addition to the overall experience of your event.

So tell me, would you use a wedding magazine as part of your welcome bags? What do you think of these? 


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