Snapshots From A Winter Maternity Shoot

I can hardly believe it...just about 8 weeks left to go with this pregnancy. Baby H is scheduled to arrive sometime around St. Patty's day, so what's normally just a small holiday will be much grander for us this year.

A few weeks ago we had our maternity shoot with Ampersand Studios- we wanted more of a family oriented photo session this time around and we got the sweetest pictures...complete with a bonus: lots of  snow! It was freezing but so worth it for the end result. So excuse today's diversion of weddings to trade in for a little nesting on the blog. If anything maybe it will give you ideas for when it's time for you and your honey to start a family. Many thanks to Frannie at Ampersand for all the gorgeousness seen here, and take a peek at her blog for even more photos!


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Laura and Sarah said...

These are so adorable, love the 'baby its cold outside' sign!!!

Just so cute!



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