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Today, after the completion of our 2012 Weddings Round Up series last week,  we are so excited to introduce yet another featured series on the blog- our Room To Wedding inspiration. When I work with clients, I often pull out the home decor magazines along with the wedding glossies- and 90% of the time we end up with a concept after perusing the interiors. We truly believe that your wedding style should mirror your personal's what will be most comfortable for you and your guests will feel it most.

With the introduction of this series, we'll also be welcoming the newest member of our team and collaborator on the blog, Carrie, so stay tuned for her grand introduction post coming soon! And now, in Carrie's words about her gorgeous room to wedding inspiration board:

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. 

Moving away from what is expected is the theme in this Room to Wedding post. The color gray is amazingly versatile. It inspires a modern feel that is beautiful when used with the crisp whites and bold silver accents. Lately though, I have been drawn to gray tones paired with warm cream colors, soft brown tones and beautiful peach accents. This creates a look with softer contrasts that blur the edges of those crisp, modern lines creating a design theme that is inviting and relaxing.
The breathtaking Vera Wang gown is a perfect example of mixing the warm tones with the gray fabric and moves away from the expected. So dream big, be different and create a look that you can call your own. Enjoy!


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