Smitten Vol 1 | Pheasant Feathers

If you know me at all, you'll know that one of my favorite words to use is smitten. It just relays the perfect amount of excitement and love for anything it's bestowed upon. You'll often hear me telling you that I'm smitten with your dress or describing my current obsession by using that word. So introducing the smitten series- periodic posts by Yours Truly featuring my latest smitten obsessions in weddings and life. Hope you enjoy it!

First up, pheasant feathers. Maybe it's the subtle masculinity and grounding effect they have on an otherwise lush and romantic bouquet or tablescape, but they have just been catching my eye lately. I've been using them everywhere, from editorial shoots to our new years eve event we designed (more on that coming in another post)...and I'm not sick of them yet.

How about you? Do you love them or do they not meet your fancy? 


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