Sunday Soiree | Garlic

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The star of today's Sunday Soiree, as you may have guessed, is garlic! It's long been a kitchen staple for it's flavor packing punch but what you may not know is that it's also chock full of health benefits.

There are numerous articles written about the benefits of eating garlic, especially in it's raw state. Most of the research agrees on a few main garlic promoting points: it aides in cancer prevention, lowers risk of heart disease, aides in detoxification, has cholesterol-lowering effects, and some even say aides in weight loss.
(Here's a few articles to check out if you want to read more: HuffPost Healthy Living and Livestrong)

Some articles suggested boiling garlic and drinking the water...or eating a raw clove of garlic a day...I decided to do a little recipe research and came up with some tasty alternatives! All three of these revolve around healthful greens cooked in garlic, so you'll be getting double the benefits. This Sunday, treat your body to some delicious, healthy cooking and enjoy some of those garlic benefits!

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