Happy Birthday | A Letter To Baby H

Instagram photos of baby sweetness...

Well today is the day. And I can't believe it. I am writing this letter before you're actually born, which is hard to do when you haven't met someone yet. But I do know you- we've gotten to know each other pretty well by now, haven't we. All that is left is for me to see your beautiful little face and finally get to touch you. We've waited for so long for you and so many people love you already!

Today is your birthday. Big brother K has been counting down the weeks until your arrival, with plenty of hugs and kisses for mom's belly as well. Mom and dad have been busy making your room just perfect and washing tiny little baby clothes so we're all ready for you.

As this posts, we are at the hospital welcoming you- nine long months of waiting to see what you look like! We are so blessed to have you and we loved you from the moment we found out about you.

Welcome to the world, Hudson Miles! 

Love always,

Mommy and Daddy and big brother K

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