Currently Smitten....

Smitten. It's my word. When something is deemed smitten, people know I'm into it. With the change of seasons, I've had my eye on a few ditties that I can't stop thinking about (and there may have been some acquisitions within this list already)...

This weekend also marks my 8th wedding anniversary to my hubs, and he is definitely first on the smitten list. And I'm fairly certain I post this same photo every year on my anniversary, but it's one of my favorites, so forgive the repetition. What are your plans for the long weekend? Camping? Fun in the sun? Whatever is on the agenda enjoy yourselves!

1. Jennifer Zeuner Wishbone Bracelet. With lots of new things on the horizon, once I laid my eyes on this number I knew this was just the good luck charm I needed.

2. Cabana Stripe Notebook. Have ya'll been over to see our friends Ampersand Studios and their new digs? Well you should, because not only will you see their pretty faces, but you can pick up stylish must-haves like this one from Sugar Paper.

3. Natural Cowhide Rug. It's not a new trend, but I am smitten with it.

4. Cleo Table Lamp. It's gold, slightly animalistic, and I love it.


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