Reflections | Engage!13 Part 2

I'm back with more reflections from last week's whirlwind trip to Engage!13 Montelucia Resort and Spa, and the video from days 2 & 3....the best of the two videos if you ask me. Day 2 was jam packed with breakfast, speakers, a break with bacon (not kidding), and then a dine-around evening followed by a dessert after-party. One of the most exciting parts? Every single time we left the room we came back to another surprise or gift...the swag alone at this summit was unreal. The dine-around dinner events were held at three different locations- a picturesque soon-to-be venue in Scottsdale, Restoration Hardware (so jealous of the sweet little plants that group received) in honor of Eddie Zaratsian's living lifestyle brand in conjunction with RH, and finally another group of Engagees stayed at the resort for their dinner. Each table featured one of the speakers, so it was nice to be up close and personal with some of the best of the best.

Day 3 started with a mega inspirational breakfast outside on the lawn (surrounded by and underneath breathtaking canopies by Raj Tents) and Simon T Bailey. From there we entered into a half-day of breakout sessions for the most amazing Q&A periods...can you imagine being able to ask anyone anything about their businesses? Finally, lunch in the courtyard followed by the gifting lounge (more presents!) before heading out to get ready for the grand Gala that evening. And the Gala? Amazing. Designed by Todd Fiscus and executed by some very talented individuals. I'll let the video do the talking about this event, because whatever I say here will not do it justice.

Without further adieu, my reflections on the last two days of Engage!13:

1. My favorite quote from Day 2 was from Matthew Robbins: "...Be your very best at the place you're at right now." So true, isn't it? Really had to let that one sink in.

2. Sylvia Weinstock is such an interesting and worldly woman. Hope our paths cross again someday.

3. The bands at Engage! are simply amazing. Never underestimate the power of a really talented live band.

4. On that note, the mixologists from The Grand Bevy were amazing to watch. Just goes to show how food and drink can really contribute to a grand experience!


engage!13 | Montelucia - Days 2 & 3 from I Do Films on Vimeo.

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Raj John said...


You are absolutely right and I also mark this quote that Be your very best at the place you're at right now.For knowing me you can also join us on my blog too, Hope you are going to enjoy .

Thank you.


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