The Turning Point

You read and hear so often about those people that have “made it”. You see their accolades and their gorgeous creations. Their businesses seem to be well-oiled machines running a mile a minute all the while the key person stays in the spotlight, smiling and groomed to perfection. It’s this perception that I think makes so many up and comers stop coming up. Maybe it’s intimidation, lack of confidence or belief in themselves, or a combination of all of the above. Maybe even jealousy or envy?

What I’m realizing, especially in the last few years of business, is that most times what we’re not seeing is the journey leading up to the “made it”. Or, the turning point if you will. I’m learning that in order to be successful, you have to hit the turning point. The exact moment when you decide to succeed and create the definite plan to do so.

For me, I’m in the midst of the turning point. I’ve experienced a lot of growth and new clients in the past couple of years, and with that comes a whole new set of trials and tribulations! My team has been tested and my own personal confidence has definitely been tested to the max. It’s hard when you realize that something that is supposed to work (either by watching it work for others or having “the rules” ingrained in your head)….just isn’t. For you, that is. So this is my personal turning point- in business and in life. I’m finally accepting that I have to do things in a way that works for me- my creativity, my lifestyle, me. And any other way will do nothing but break me down because it’s not me.

So with that , my new goal is to simply live and breathe my business for me. Life is too short- my little bubby just turned one and I just can’t believe how fast it flies by- and if what I’m doing doesn’t make me happy, it’s just not worth it.

Have you hit your turning point yet? Or do you feel the tug like it’s coming up around the bend? If so I bet it’s getting close. Would love to hear about your turning point! Here’s to the happiest you and me!

Oh and PS: Stay tuned for a super exciting announcement this won't want to miss this!


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