March In Photos

Well, maybe we should call the title of this post "Marchish" because we weren't amazing with our photography skills during March. So there are a few from February that made this list too, and we're going with it.  Here are just a few snapshots of Soiree goings-on in the last month, and feature a winter wedding, a first birthday, and some serious cuteness. Oh and a little bit of wine too.

In February we officially ended our winter wedding season with this gorgeous Adelmann Event Center wedding. Our favorite part about this one? It was the second bride from the same family that we had the honor of planning with. 

Another favorite part of the wedding was the style. This was definitely an organic-meets-vintage and sophistication. Our bride, Audrey, was all of that and more, too. 

In March I attended an event planner tour and tasting with Telaya Winery. This was the first time I'd been to what has affectionately become Boise's urban wine district and loved it. I think I see some serious wine club memberships in my near future. 

A certain very cute little guy celebrated his first birthday, with a My Lucky Charm party. It was a subtle nod to the holiday, without everything becoming all about the clover. Can't wait to share photos of the super cute party!

And this post wouldn't be complete without the little big man himself. Here's to April and spring (now if the rain would only go away..) and more photos for next month- Until then come over and say hi on Instagram!

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