For your savvy winter cocktail parties....

Well Starbucks never ceases to amaze me. Not only have they successfully guided me through life everyday (Okay not everyday. That would make me a freak, I think. But I am an ex-barista, so I have to show my loyalty!!) since the discovery of the phrase "burning the midnight oil" (or 3:00 am oil...) during college, but now they have decided to be a part of my nights as well. Introducing their new Coffee Liqueurs....the perfect, sassy way to have a girls night in.

Here's a fabulous recipe from Dailycandy, sure to get the party started:

Starbucks™ Liqueurs Lattini1 part Starbucks™

Cream Liqueur1½ parts Level™

VodkaSplash of juicy gossip

1. Combine ingredients and shake with ice using the fervor of 100 breakups.
2. Strain carefully into a martini glass.
3. Serve immediately with other well-informed friends.
4. Begin shameless girl talk.
You'll sure to be the hit in your friend circle for introducing this one. Happy entertaining!

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