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Well being the type of person that happens to be equipped with her very own "Way Chic, Way Too Awesome For Words" radar (it's true, ask my husband...just don't get him started on my shoe collection. Unless you've got a lot of time.), it's no surprise that when these little gems caught my eye, I couldn't stop thinking about them. So what did I do? I scoured the internet for two whole days looking for them. Trying out every search combination known to man. Leaving the computer, only to come back 20 minutes later with a renewed fervor. These little darlings were meant to be in my possession. Then finally, out of the blue, I stumbled upon them. And I say stumbled, because I had a moment of "wandering eye" (I started looking at really neat stuff to decorate my house), and there they were. Staring at me. My jaw dropped. I almost did a victory dance. What started out as a quest to find these little "ornaments" I had seen in a recent issue of Bride And Bloom (See the gorgeous purple picture to the right....it is a Preston Bailey Design. Are you even surprised?), I now sat with a credit card in hand, just moments away from calling them mine. It really was a beautiful afternoon.

And so now, I offer them to you. To add to your own stylish, chic affair. Use them to put candles or tealights in, or hang them around your altar with orchids in them. In fact, you can rent them just to look at them. Because they are that cool.

This is just one option for your wedding...Soiree now offers an array of stylish accessories to rent for your one of a kind affair. Isn't life grand?

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