Vendor Highlight: Paper Source

For years I have been a loyal fan and customer of Paper Source- a company known for its selection of papers, envelopes, cards, and accoutrements fit for any scrapbooker, crafty person, or the regular wedding obsessed. If you had not yet discovered this fabulous stationery jackpot, you must go to their website immediately!

I'm posting about Paper Source today because I received a beautiful catalogue in the mail yesterday...and I was positively drooling over the items they have introduced!

Now, before I go any further, I have a disclaimer. While Paper Source does have many bits and pieces designed to be able to go together to create a fantabulous invitation set for any wedding setting, I do not recommend making and printing your invitations. I speak both from professional and personal experience. I have pulled many a bride from the edge (I'm talking jumping, here) after spending weeks, even months designing, cutting, printing, and assembling their own invitations. In fact, one of those brides was me. I still thank my husband to this day for staying with me and agreeing to go ahead with the wedding. Okay on with the post.

Now, as I mentioned, Paper source does have cards, papers, and envelopes to choose from, but they also offer custom letterpress and printing. You can either choose from one of their designs (enter your own information), or you can have a custom design made. You can also bring a design to them, and have them print it for you. If this particular route (letterpress) is out of your budget, I still love to direct brides to Paper Source to pick out their paper and envelopes they'd like their invitations printed on (Read= this means bringing your custom made design-normally designed by a professional- to a professional printer). But now, Paper Source is also offering other sweet items to make your wedding a stunner. Favor boxes, chic rubber stamp kits, paper flower kits. They also offer items for other soiree's in your life- bridal and baby showers (first comes love, then comes marriage....), thank you cards, etc. If you're at all mildly obsessed with paper products, you will be sure to enjoy perusing this website.

Go to Paper Source

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