Style Trend: The Black Wedding Dress

So many of you have probably already discovered the trend of adding some color to your pristine white wedding gown. But have you thought about wearing a dress that is an entirely different color than white? And finally, have you ever remotely thought about having a black wedding dress???

It's true- a dress with just a few accents of black all the way to full on seductively black wedding dresses are seeing their way down the runway.

Today's post is derived from another blogger-and someone I've come to admire greatly. Liene of Blue Orchid Designs in Arizona has one of the most interesting blogs I've ever come across as well as a head full of spectacular ideas! At any rate, she has recently written about this black wedding dress trend....following up from this trend posted by Parisian destination wedding planner Kim Petyt ( See Kim's post here:

I also mention Liene's post, because she has directed the mass' attention to this fabulous photo shoot (above) done by destination wedding photographer Jessica Claire ( I agree with Liene on this one...the dress this photoshoot lovely was wearing is just stunning. This shoot was actually an anniversary shoot, but the dress could easily pass for wedding attire. What do you think about it ? While I personally stepped over the "line" for my wedding dress- I slipped into a champagne number for my big day- at the time (which was only 2 years ago!) I feel like my guests would have looked at me as though I had an alien coming out of my forehead were I to show up at the church in a black gown. So it's so neat to see how quickly trends can come up on us and how much your wedding plans are constantly changing.

{Photos by Jessica Claire, Courtesy of the Blue Orchid Designs Blog}

I hope you all will subscribe to these lovely ladies' feeds on their blogs....they are full of inspiration, creativity, and great things in general.

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