Getting What You Want Out Of Your Vendors: The Wedding Planner

You didn't think I would leave out yours truly did you? Though I (and I would imagine every other wedding planner out there) consider myself to be pretty good at what I do, I still do not consider myself a mind reader.

Tell Me Everything..I Mean Everything.

Just because a detail is small or miniscule, please don't assume I won't need to know about it. You've hired me to effectively manage your event, which in turn means I need to know your event inside and out, up and down. Maybe you've contacted the pastry chef to change the swirls on your cake to dots...seems simple enough, but what if the cake shows up on wedding day with swirls? I need to know everything.

You've Hired Me, Please Trust Me

Chances are you've hired a wedding planner to a) cut down on stress b) because you're working a full time job or c) need help to pull together and organize your ideas and plans for your big day. We {wedding planners} are also normally contracted to maximize your bottom line, and to also save you precious time. If you can't trust me to execute your plans like you desire, I do hope you decide to hire another wedding planner- because why spend the money if you don't feel like you can let go of the control (And I don't say this to sound mean or harsh. I say this because I really am sad when a bride drives herself nuts by following up everything the wedding planner does. This situation really means that maybe that particular wedding planner was not for you...)?

Understand Your Services

When a bride asks for a proposal, we itemize everything, because we feel that you should know exactly what you are paying for. But even in a situation where you've chosen packaged services, please take the time to make sure you understand exactly what's included. That way there are no surprises leading up to the wedding day.

Just remember- when you're hiring your wedding planner, above all make sure the relationship is not forced. Make sure you feel comfortable with putting your ideas and plans in the wedding planner's hands- that is what we're here for!

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