Handmade Perfumes

Looking for a new and unique gift idea for your bridesmaids? Picking out a handmade scent that suits each of your girls is sure to please (and be much more appreciated than the pink initialed tissue packets you were looking at. Very cute, but this is guaranteed to go over much better.)

I found this post off of Wiley Valentine's Blog, and just had to share. Sweet Anthem, by Meredith Tucker, features all natural, alcohol-free (read: even your most sensitive gals will be able to wear this!), handmade scents. Pick out your perfect scent from the collection, or make your own.

You can even choose a travel size before you commit to the larger 5 ml bottle. Choose from categories such as Earthy and Spicy, Feminine, Floral, Masculine, and the like. This is brilliant.

So if you're stumped for ideas for you girls, this is not only a unique & personalized idea, but a very economical one, as even the largest bottles are only about $10. See? You can be classy and sassy on a dime!

{Photo Sources: #1 via Wiley Valentine, #2 Sweet Anthem Website}

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