100 Possibly Interesting Things About Yours Truly

No, I'm not in the business of self-indulging and talking about myself. Normally, it's the exact opposite...in fact my hubby might tell you that I usually find ways to turn the conversation from myself to you. Except for when it's my birthday. Then watch out. It's my day.

After last week's post about The Soiree Blog, a few "tags" on Facebook and a few somewhat annoying email questionnaires, I thought I would just post 100 things about me ('Yours Truly') that you may-or may not- find interesting about me:

1. I am an 1/8th Cherokee Indian.

2. I do not like the song Cherokee People.

3. My grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee, and was known as The Little Stolen Indian on her reservation; her dad kidnapped her when she was 2.

4. I love heels, and I wear them pretty much every day- even the day before I gave birth.

5. I majored in Spanish, with a Clothing, Textile and Design minor in college.

6. I was going to be a teacher originally, until I had to "teach" some high-schoolers as part of the education program. I changed my emphasis the next day.

7. I am only 5' 2", please see # 4.

8. I have lived in Spain twice.

9. My childhood nickname was Missy B...apparently I was a bossy toddler.

10. I was in a sorority in college.

11. I have been mugged- please see # 8.

12. I was born extremely directionally impaired. I can easily get lost even in the mall- I used to say I could get lost in a cul-de-sac. It would be funny if it weren't so true.

13. I got Lasik eye surgery when I was 22.

14. My aunt had breast cancer, and wrote a book about her journey "Of Fairy Tales and Happily Ever Afters".

15. I have four sisters- all younger and all half sisters, and I am the oldest by 11 years.

16. I met my husband my freshman year in college, but didn't start dating until my senior year.

17. Our first "date" I had the flu...enough said.

18. I once got the Chocolate Ex-Lax bar...and I didn't know that you weren't supposed to eat the majority of the bar...enough said again.

19. I have a four month old baby boy.

20. I lived in Hawaii for 5 years.

21. I was a Starbucks Barista in Seattle.

22. In college I designed a dress made out of flag fabric with a hat asking if Patriotism was a Fad after 9/11 and was displayed in the library. I started a campus-wide debate, and people were writing 10 page essays about the dress.

23. This is right after my then-boyfriend and I started dating, imagine his excitement that his girlfriend started a campus uproar.

24. I love my birthday. In fact, I like to coin the entire month of my birthday as mine.

25. I can actually be quite a loner- I could sit and read a book by myself for hours.

26. I was born in Reno, Nevada.

27. After college my ambition was to move to New York and work at a magazine. I even applied to graduate school for journalism.

28. Instead, I moved to Seattle, see # 21 :)

29. My now husband proposed to me on Alki Beach in Seattle.

30. My favorite bridal designer is Reem Acra, with Monique Lhuillier coming in as a close second.

31. I am a perfectionist to a fault.

32. In order to major in Spanish, I had to take 2 years of French as well. Hence, Soiree. C'est La Vie, no?

33. I secretly really like Britney Spears, and often work out to her tunes.

34. My husband hates it when he asks me a question and I respond in French or Spanish. I think it's funny, so I keep doing it :)

35. I've noticed I'm a reality tv junkie. On the list: American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, The Biggest Loser, and most recently, The Chopping Block (who else can get away with wearing a suit with no socks and Vans??).

36. I painted my baby's nursery 4 times before I was happy with the color, please see # 31.

37. I had over 30 "blue" paint swatches to choose from before I found the "perfect" color.

38. One of my favorite movies of all time is Tammy and the Bachelor (with Debbie Reynolds).

39. I have climbed the stairs of the Eiffel Tower.

40. I was the flower girl in my aunt's wedding, and apparently they witnessed me kicking a man when he did not want to take the pouch of rice. Please see # 9.

41. I own a pair of pink velvet heels adorned with beads and crystals.

42. Maybe I do like to bring attention to myself.

43. I have a broccoli fetish- I can eat a whole crown in one sitting.

44. I can mimic the sound of a putt-putt (for lack of better description) car perfectly, and I've never met anyone else that could do it.

45. One of my childhood aspirations was to become a voice for a cartoon- but only for the putt-putt cars.

46. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

47. I insist on the biggest Christmas tree that will fit. In fact, my dad once had to return a tree because it was about as big as the Griswold's tree.

48. I love to cook.

49. I am a terrible baker. I once left out 5 ingredients for a cheese cake.

50. I love pink, but I didn't want anything to do with it in my wedding.

51. I love 80's music.

52. I did not love 80's fashion.

53. However I did own snap bracelets, slouch socks, and I had a fan bang.

54. I once dressed up as Dolly Parton for my elementary school's Celebrity Day. My water balloons popped, and I looked like I wet myself for the rest of the day.

55. I was not the most popular kid in school, please see # 54 and #44.

56. I was a cheerleader my freshman year in high school, and was also a cheerleader for wrestling matches.

57. I had a boyfriend named Thor.

58. I had another one my entire family nicknamed Keyhole.

59. They were so happy to meet Shaun.

60. I used to compete in speech competitions, and even won a few.

61. Ironically enough I hate speaking in front of large crowds.

62. I've eaten squid in its own ink, octopus, and bull tail, to name a few.

63. I was the first person in my family to go to and graduate from college.

64. My sister is 18, and has over 100K, thanks to the Indian trust fund.

65. I was a hula and Tahitian dancer in Hawaii.

66. I absolutely can't stand carrots.

67. Even though I work with color every day, I find I'm pretty fickle about it in my home..the entire place is in neutrals and earth tones.

68.I have one dog, a beagle, named Chloe.

69. In the last couple of years, I've been a guest at 13 weddings and a bridesmaid in 5 of them. See # 10.

70. I absolutely can't stand silver bells, hearts, or anything of the like. I may do my best to talk you out of using them.

71. In college, I decided to cut my hair to pixie status.

72. Hubby to be called me butch when I did this.

73. I'm glad college is over.

74. I'm probably the most gullible person you'll meet.

75. My friends and I love to have cocktail parties that require us to dress to the nines.

76. On my wedding day the entire wedding party was stranded because our trolley broke down.

77. They originally sent out the tiniest truck I've ever seen to jump the trolley.

78. It did not work, and they had to send out a whole new trolley.

79. We got to our reception finally, only to find that the air conditioner had broken (we got married in the dead of summer).

80. I decided to be a wedding planner.

81. My favorite flowers for weddings are hydrangea, ranunculous, and peonies.

82. I like to describe my personal style as a cross between Jackie-O and Gwen Stefani.

83. If my hair is up in a pony tail or other fashion, there will inevitably be a "poof" associated with it. My brides and friends are smiling knowingly :)

84. I'm an ultra-romantic. I cry at anything- even commercials.

85. My ring size is only a 4 1/4.

86. My shoe size is a 6, but I can fit into select children's shoes.

87. I do not wear pencil skirts.

88. I do not wear skinny jeans.

89. I only use one type of lotion- and have done so for years.

90. I can officially and confidently say that Suzanne Somers taught me how to cook.

91. When I was pregnant, I subscribed to a psychic (why not?). She told me that I would have a boy first, girl second. We'll see...

92. I'm a firm believer that fitness trainers should also prescribe heel wearing as part of their regimens. Look what it does for the calves!

93. I am deathly afraid of Ferris Wheels.

94. I am also deathly afraid of mold- I've thrown away countless dishes because I was too scared to wash them.

95. While living in Spain, our school was evacuated due to terrorist bomb threats.

96. I rarely paint my nails- I prefer a clear polish.

97. My first car was a black Honda Civic Hatchback.

98. I'm a list maker. It's not uncommon to write a grocery list, then re-write it according to category and section in the store.

99. I can't stand baseball. 160 games? Really?

100. Did I mention I love my birthday?

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