Linens 101 Part II- Seven Popular Fabric Choices

Pintuck? Dupioni? Bengaline? What style of linen will you choose for your table? If you're lost in the sea of linen choices, you're not alone. The first step is to decide on the look you're after for your event and table design:


If you're looking to add a little texture to your table design, try one of these popular fabrics:

Pintuck- Great for formal weddings, adds a little extra pop to your table without being too wild or over the top. One con: you'll have to choose glassware with wider bases, as the tucking on the fabric makes it difficult for things to balance well.

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Bichon- This fabric style boasts a "crushed" look, and therefore is often referred to as crushed linens at party rental stores.

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Dupioni (also know as Shatung Silk)- a style of silk that has a subtle sheen and irregularities and 'slubs' (cross between a snag and a raised piece of the weave in the fabric). It's a beautiful fabric, and is especially nice to touch. Many bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses are also made of this fabric.

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{ Throw-back from Textile & Design class in college: for those that want to get technical with the definition of dupioni silk: The word dupioni is derived from the Italian word "doppio" or double. Dupioni silk is different from it's cousin silk counterpart because two silkworms spin a single cocoon. The thread produced by the two silkworms are uneven in texture and thickness, and no two silks will be alike, hence the reason for the 'slubs' you see in the finished product. }


If you're looking for a little shine in your event, try these popular fabrics:

Lame (Lam- A) and Lamour-Both very shiny fabrics, with lame taking the cake in the sheen department. Lamour is more recommended for an event of the wedding variety.

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Bengaline- also boasts a sheen in the fabric, this is made of synthetic fibers and has a subtle cross-wise ribbed effect, so it's not just a flat piece of fabric.

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If you're looking for a soft effect, or need an overlay on top of a bottom (or fitted linen, as industry professionals will call it), Organza or chiffon fabrics are the most popular.

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~Happy Planning!

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