What is the Soiree Blog All About?

New here & just joining us for the first time? Welcome to Soiree's blog! If you're wondering what you can expect from our daily blog habit, here's a quick run down:

The Soiree Blog is written by Brandi Reiland, owner of and lead consultant for Soiree. This blog is really a creative outlet for Brandi, and serves to be an inspiration. From design advice to wedding & planning tips, stylish entertaining and party ideas, and everything in between you'll find it here. We love the newest beauty products sure to make you the Blushing Bride, and we love making your planning process easier. And we love to take your mind off of wedding planning to throw a weekend Soiree to spend with your friends. So kick your super cute heels off and join us!

Feel free to peruse some of our more popular posts:

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Drop us a line or write us a note if you don't see something here...we love hearing from you!

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