What's In My Bridal Emergency Kit

Brides often ask me what the Bridal Emergency Kit entails...they know it contains items that will help on the day, but inevitably they want to know what's in my kit. Every wedding planner carries one, and while there are plenty more items included, here are my top ten prized possessions in my Emergency Kit:

1) Shout wipes. I've never had a wedding where I haven't used them.

2) Safety pins and Diaper pins. For everything from getting a piece of fabric to do what I want it to do to fixing your bustle that will inevitably need fixing at some point. More on this? Read Liene's post on tips for your bustle here.

3) Double sided tape. Once saved our lives when we were setting up an outdoor event at a winery- the wind kept blowing everything off the tables, including the runners and place cards. A little double sided tape kept everything grounded.

4) Scripto Outdoor lighters. The concentrated flame resists being blown out by wind- saves time when you have 200 votives to light!

5) No Sew Hem Tape. If the hem on your dress is a little long, or the bustle falls out a bit, this is a quick and easy way to fold the hem up a few inches without damaging the fabric.

6) Floral pins. Besides the obvious use of repairing bouquet wraps and keeping the bouts in place, these are also great at taming fabric, pinning down linens, and I once even used them to keep strands of Christmas lights pinned down around an outdoor dance floor.

7) Fashion Tape.

8) Listerine breath strips. It's amazing how dry people's mouths will get when the nerves (or heat) set in. I always offer these out right before the bridal party heads down the aisle.

9) Clear fishing twine. I keep rolls-from heavy to light- of this in my kit- we have used them for everything from hanging lanterns and votives to re-stranding a bracelet of pearls that broke right before a wedding ceremony.

10) Needle and thread, and an array of buttons. I have several thread colors, as I have actually had to sew more black buttons on tuxes and suits than I have had to repair items on wedding or bridesmaid gowns.


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