Wedding And Party Lighting Ideas

After several months of planning for and then working Weddings Week 2010, I came across so many inspiring pictures of lighting ideas for weddings and parties. I'm always a fan of traditional uplighting, but I also love creativity to change things up a bit.

Lanterns are nothing new, but they are still one of the easiest ways to add a little pop to your party. I love it even more when they are added en masse, such as this photo:


Look for all different sizes of lanterns, some of them even come in sizes as large as 36". They're more expensive, but you won't need many of them- they'll take up a lot of room! Fill in with other varying sizes from 12" to 24" lanterns.

Basically anything or any type of lighting can make a big impact...why not add a little whimsy with actual hanging light bulbs?


Finally, these reminded me of Luminarias... only hanging rather than lining a pathway as they normally do.


What other ideas have you thought about?

~Happy Planning!

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Pallas said...

fantastic use of lights!
I am a huge lover of beach weddings and perfect use of lighting ideas makes the event a wower!

your pictures gave me new concept

thank you

keep it coming


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