Mother's Day Gift Idea For Your Inner Recessionista

If you're still wondering what to get your mom for Mother's Day, and/or are worried about getting something that won't break the bank yet will still be meaningful, this gift idea is for you.

This year, rather than spend beaucoup bucks on a bouquet of flowers (to tell you the truth my mom is really good at not watering them anyways!) or walking around aimlessly through a store just trying to find something that would fit her, I decided to do something from the heart. Stemming from both my budgetary needs and the fact that I became a mother this year, I decided to come up with 100 memories of my mom that meant most to me.

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I spent 8.99 on this decorative box and 3.95 on a pack of pretty stationery papers to write my memories on. Then I spent the last week writing down all the memories that have stayed with me all these years.

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You can do several variations on this idea- consider putting your notes in transparent glassine envelopes or even make a scrapbook filled with pictures and memories. You can even consider using this idea for your bridesmaids or other important people in your life that you'd like to honor.

What are some of your great recessionista ideas for Mother's Day?

{Box and decorative paper both from Cost Plus World Market}

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