The Stylish Box Lunch

Sometimes a full lunch buffet isn't needed- maybe you're planning a brunch-style reception or even just thinking about a cute shower (bridal or baby) idea. In the right setting, with the right ideas put into place, a box-style lunch can still be stylish, and oftentimes this catering style can save you some money too.

The main trick to really upping the style factor is to pay attention to the detailing of it all. Just because it's a box lunch doesn't mean you have to provide peanut butter and jelly sandwiches along with a bag of chips. Instead, think swanky finger foods that your guests will enjoy discovering.

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The first step is choosing your box. Get creative- look at different materials, colors and shapes- even bags. A regular white food box can take on a whole new persona when you add ribbon and trimming to the box.

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The next step is to choose what you'll include in the box. If you're using a caterer, meet with them to discuss options that are still finger friendly but lean to the upscale side of things. Cucumber sandwiches, cheese twists, and mini quiches are good options to try. Finish the creation off by including a single Sofia Coppola Champagne Mini. Yummy.

If you're thinking about doing box lunches just for the kiddos, include kid-friendly fare and drink options. We loved this idea with a box of activities and a do it yourself pizza. And the Sparkling Pomegranate? So sweet.

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Are you considering a box lunch option at your event?

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