Preparing Your Guests For An Outdoor Wedding

Dreaming of an outdoor ceremony or reception? While getting married alongside nature is always beautiful, guarantee your guests will see the beauty too by taking these few extra steps in your planning process.

Mention In Your Invitations If There Will Be Grass or Sand

Even just a simple line on your enclosure card will do : " Our wedding will be outside on the grass, so be sure to bring shoes you can move in!"

This will let your lady guests know to wear shoes that won't aerate the grass or have them stuck in one spot; if they still decide to wear heels- at least you warned them!

Another great gesture in addition to this is to provide fun dancing-friendly shoes such as flip flops.

Provide For The Elements

Getting married in the heat of the summer? Be sure to provide shade, even if your ceremony is only going to last 15 minutes. Consider umbrellas for the ladies, or rent market-style umbrellas to shade the aisle or guest tables. When mapping out the spot for your ceremony altar point, go to the spot at the time of day you are planning on for the ceremony. Make sure the sun isn't shining right into your guests' faces.

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If you think there's a chance of a cold chill in an evening wedding, consider lap blankets, renting heaters, and even a warm drink such as passed hot chocolate for your guests.

Plan For Nature

Getting married by the river? Whether you are or not, the possibility of bugs and/or mosquitoes is still there- look into bug remedies and possibly even consider having the area sprayed a day or two ahead of time.

These gestures for your guests will ensure a smooth, memorable day- and will sure to win you the prize for Hostess of the Year!

~Happy Planning!

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Anonymous said...

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Soiree said...

Thanks for the tip! I will check it out!


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