Creatively Presenting Your Appetizers

In charge of the party plans? Undoubtedly the food and drink will be the center of attention, so why not present your appetizers in unique ways? Bridal showers, dinner parties, and cocktail receptions can all benefit from these creative and inexpensive ideas:

Wowing your guests doesn't have to mean hours slaving in the kitchen, creating delicate hors d'oeuvres with painstaking details. Instead, present them in interesting, not-so-ordinary ways.

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Instead of the usual dip in a bowl for everyone to take, why not put your hummus or other spread in individual cups?

Even your pantry items can make an interesting display, like these dried beans:

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You don't need fancy serveware or the latest tray to pleasantly surprise your guests at your party. Instead, stock up on white dishes (you can dress them up or dress them down all day!) and get creative with every day items you already have.

Happy Planning!

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