Choosing Your Wedding Colors

When you're a bride, you will (99% of the time) fall into two categories: 1) You've Known Your Color Palette Since You Were Three, and 2) You Love Several Color Schemes.
If you happen to fall in the latter category, there are a few tools on the web today to help you decide which color combinations to use:

Multicolr Search Lab, By Idee

This lovely little tool lets you pick several colors, and it will generate a form of an inspiration board by extracting those color combos from millions of the most creative and interesting flikr photos.

I chose a palette of green shades- check out my board here. If you're a visual type like me, this tool can be incredibly helpful in narrowing down the color, shade, and mood you want for your wedding. Pretty cool, don't you think?

Colour Lovers

This is a great website/ forum to share and create color palettes. You can even play with patterns if you like!

What other tools or methods are you using or did you use in planning the colors for your wedding?

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