Trendy Cupcakes or Traditional Wedding Cake?


Big cake or little cakes? Giant tiers or mini creations? Is there a benefit price-wise to choosing trendy over tradition? Today we'll weigh in on the pros and cons:

Wedding Cake:

How they're priced- Cakes will always be priced per slice, and you'll see ranges anywhere from $3.25-$5.00+

* Cakes can come in a variety of sizes, including circle, square, oxagon, rectangle, and caddy-wampus (yes that's the technical term, thank you) just to name a few.

* Guests receive an actual slice of cake.

* You don't often have to order the same amount of cake as the amount of guests at your party. Most times you will have at least a few that would rather keep to their beverage than indulge in chocolate goodiness.

* The decorating and design possibilities of a wedding cake is endless!

* The more complicated the design, the more expensive the cake will become.

* In the heat of the summer, many a cake have fallen casualty to mother nature.

* Someone will have to cut the cake, and we recommend it be your caterer. Many times there will be a cake cutting fee.


How they're priced- cupcakes will be priced per-unit, and you'll see ranges from $2.25-$3.50+ for gourmet cupcakes.


* They're tiny works of art, and when displayed they create a beautiful scene.

* Each guest gets their own little mini cake.

* No plates or silverware needed (though it doesn't hurt to have them on hand)- they're hand-friendly fare, especially the mini cupcake varieties.


* They're tiny works of art, so they'll take more time, which translates to more cost.

* You'll often have to purchase the exact amount as the amount of guests you have. Why? Have no idea. People, even with beverages, just seem plain attracted to these little lovelies so you better have enough on hand. With mini cupcakes, you'll need to account for at least 2 per person.

* Assembly time is quite a bit longer than a traditional wedding cake- just imagine setting out 250 cupcakes.

So there you have it- so many pros and cons to each. The one thing to keep in mind is just because something is smaller does not mean it will be cheaper. Whichever route you choose, each is beautiful in its own way. We even love a combination of the two: smaller display cake for cutting, then a dessert bar of sorts with different varieties of cupcakes. Sign us up please- we'll make an appearance at your event, and we're not afraid of chocolate.

~Happy Planning!

Anemone Cakes: Instyle Weddings 2008
Pink Sprinkles Cupcake: Unknown, found via Google search without a credit

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