3 Key Questions To Ask At The Ceremony Site

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Whatever type of ceremony you're planning- a church, tented, hotel, backyard, or park- there are some important questions you'll always want to ask prior to putting your deposit down. Some issues may turn out to be big enough that you decide to hold the ceremony somewhere else, while others may just require a tweek in your plans. Here are a few questions that should always be asked:

1. Photography And Videography Rules

Regulations about photography and video are most likely to occur in a church setting, but it never hurts to ask at any site. Many formal churches will pose requirements, such as the photographer staying in a certain area or restricting flash during the ceremony. These are huge issues that both you and your photographer/videographer need to know about. It will determine the placement and style of your photos, so it should be the first question you ask.

2. Decorating Rules

Many venues will have rules about tacking items to the walls, candles (open flames, enclosed flames only, no live flames at all), and especially fresh petals. In venues with carpet, they may ask that you use only silk petals to prevent staining. You'll also want to ask about clean up- sometimes venues will allow real petals, just as long as you clean every single petal up at the end.

3. Fees

Obviously a very important question, but in addition to the site rental fee, make sure you ask about any other fees associated. For instance, a church may have an organ you can have played for the ceremony music, but there may be an additional fee if you choose to use the organist. Other common fees may be security & cleaning deposits, donations, rehearsal fees, etc.

It's never possible to ask too many questions- even if you think some of them are obvious. It's better to find out in the beginning than 3 weeks or even closer to your wedding, which will be too late to change anything!

What are some of the oddest fees you've encountered so far?

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